This list is far from exhaustive. We are currently updating it.

Patterns of Facebook Interactions around Insular and Cross-Partisan Media Sources in the Run-up of the 2018 Italian Election (2018-)

Before, during, and after the 2018 Italian election, several controversial cases raised concerns over the impact of problematic information on the democratic process. Mapping Italian News (MINE) was designed to address these concerns by analyzing a set of political news stories and their patterns of engagement on Facebook and Twitter. We estimated the political leaning and insularity of 634 news sources, found that populist parties tend to rely on insular media sources, and detected patterns of interactions on Facebook that seem to be significantly affected by the insularity of the source and the sentiment toward different political actors. This project is conceived as a follow-up of MINE. Limits in publicly available data hindered investigating the crucial question of whether the observed behaviors of online partisan communities are strategically organized or spontaneously grassroots. Grounded in existing literature, we thus designed a set of measures and related research questions to tackle this issue. The project is suppoerted by Social Science One.

DPD member: Luca Rossi

Data as Relation: Governance in the age of big data (2017-2020)

This is a three-years research project at the IT University of Copenhagen (PI: Brit Ross Winthereik) funded by the Velux Foundation. Christina Neumayer and Luca Rossi participate in the collaborative project, focusing on data invisibilities in social media communication by activists.

DPD members: Christina Neumayer and Luca Rossi

The Hyperlinked News Network in Scandinavia (2017-2020)

With the participation of researchers from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, this collaborative project maps and analyzes the online environment in Scandinavia through big-data analyses of hyperlink structures on the web. The project is headed by Professor Helle Sjøvaag, University of Stavanger, and funded through a 10 m SEK grant from the Ander Foundation.

DPD member: Aske Kammer.

Images of Conflict – Conflicting Images (ICCI, 2017-2021)

This is a four-years research project at the University of Copenhagen (PI: Mette Mortensen) funded by the Velux Foundation’s Core Group Grant. Christina Neumayer participates with the sub-project focusing “Producing Visibility with Images of Riots on Social Media”.

DPD member: Christina Neumayer