Lisa Merete Kristensen public lecture

Measuring Audiences

When and where? February 20, 2020; 15-16; in ScrollBar at ITU

What? Worldwide, legacy news organizations increasingly rely on audience metrics for monitoring audience behavior on their websites. In this public lecture, Lisa Merete Kristensen explores how digital newsrooms implement software for audience analytics, in and outside of Denmark. Which technical solutions are in use, and which metrics do the actors involved consider indicative of the values of editorial selection? Finally, Lisa Merete Kristensen will discuss implications of the metrics in question with regards to editorial processes and information flows online.

Who? Lisa Merete Kristensen is an industrial PhD fellow at The Center for Journalism at The University of Southern Denmark where she studies news values and news selection on digital media platforms. Her research is conducted in collaboration with Fyens Stiftstidende and concerns the digitalization of legacy media companies. In the spring of 2020, she is a visiting researcher in the Digital Platforms and Data research group.