Leighton Andrews public lecture

Facebook, the Media and Democracy

When and where? October 31, 10-11, Auditorium 3 @ ITU

What? Facebook, in some shape or form, is likely to be with us into the foreseeable future and how we address the societal challenges that it provokes, and the economic system that underpins it, will define how human societies demonstrate their capacity to protect and enhance democracy and ensure that no corporation can set itself above democratic institutions. Based on research for his book Facebook, the Media and Democracy, the presentation will explore some emerging and renewed research questions on social media and its regulation.

Who? Leighton Andrews is professor of practice in Public Service Leadership and Innovation in Cardiff Business School. He was an elected politician, serving in the National Assembly for Wales from 2003 to 2016, and was a Minister in the Welsh Government between 2007 and 2016. He is a former head of Public Affairs for the BBC in London, responsible for the corporation’s relationships with the UK and European Parliaments. He is the author of Wales Says Yes (1999), Ministering to Education (2014) and academic articles on a variety of subjects, including broadcasting policy and technology regulation.